We are the Piedmont Brass

Finally, a truly unique brass quintet has arrived.

The Piedmont Brass Quintet, started by former members of the Foothills Brass and Appalachian Brass Quintets, is a group not only dedicated to playing brass music, but to evolving the art of brass playing.

Organized in 1993, The Piedmont Brass Quintet is equally at home in the concert hall, church, classroom or outdoor festival. Their style ranges from the master counterpoint of Johann Sebastian Bach to the subtle nuances of Jan Bach (no relation, so far as we know). From Tomaso Albinoni to John Williams.

To enforce their dedication to evolving the art of brass, the Quintet performs a number of original transcriptions, penned by group members and other area composers/arrangers.

We are available to perform weddings, funerals, church services and any other venue just about anywhere in the Southeast. We would be happy to speak with you about dates and rates.